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Obstetric Care services offered in North Reading, MA

Whether you’re just starting your family or ready to expand your brood, you can rely on the high-quality obstetric care services available at Nova Women’s Health. Experienced OB/GYN Anju Nayar, MD, FACOG, and the medical team provide a range of in-office obstetrics services, including prenatal screenings, ultrasound imaging, and customized labor and delivery plans. They also specialize in high-risk pregnancy care for expectant mothers with diabetes and other health complications. Call the North Reading, Massachusetts, office to schedule an obstetric care appointment or book a consultation online today. 

Obstetric Care Q & A

What is obstetric care?

Obstetric care includes services to support women before they conceive a pregnancy, throughout a pregnancy, and during labor and delivery.

Nova Women’s Health provides integrative, personalized obstetric care for adolescent girls and adult women. The team also offers postpartum care for you and your baby in the initial weeks after childbirth.

What obstetric care services are available?

Nova Women’s Health offers high-quality obstetric care services to protect your health and support the growth and development of your baby. These services include:

  • Pregnancy testing
  • Prenatal screenings
  • Fetal monitoring
  • Ultrasounds
  • High-risk pregnancy care
  • Labor and delivery plans
  • Postpartum care

The experienced medical providers can also address any complications that develop during pregnancy or childbirth. These complications can include gestational diabetes in expectant mothers or congenital anomalies in the baby.

The team customizes a labor and delivery plan to support your childbirth experience ahead of your due date. They offer assistance during vaginal deliveries and Cesarean sections (c-sections). The providers also specialize in vaginal birth after c-section (VBAC) services.

When should I schedule an obstetric care consultation?

You should schedule an obstetric care consultation at Nova Women’s Health as soon as you suspect you’re pregnant or get a positive result on a home pregnancy test.

The providers offer in-office tests to confirm your pregnancy and complete a pelvic exam to estimate your due date. They also review your personal and family medical history to create a prenatal care plan.

You can expect to schedule monthly checkups to ensure your pregnancy is healthy. As you get closer to your due date, your visits will be more frequent. If you’re carrying multiples or have underlying health issues that make your pregnancy high-risk, you may also need to schedule prenatal appointments more often so the team can closely monitor your pregnancy.

At each visit, your provider evaluates your overall health and your baby’s development. They perform routine blood work and other lab tests in the office and offer advanced ultrasound technology to evaluate your baby’s growth.

Call Nova Women’s Health to schedule an obstetric care appointment or book a consultation online today.